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History of The Little Rock Carriage Company
The Little Rock Horse & Carriage Company was founded in 2003, on behalf of the City of Little Rock.  They began their horse drawn carriage service for the city's Agri-Tourism from which Arkansas is best known for.  They started with two American Belgian Draft horses and two carriages that were brought up from Florida to Arkansas.  Their horses were from Disney World which made a big hit with them.  They can be seen on the streets of Little Rock, AR, and, at many times, throughout the rest of the state.
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The Castle & The LR Carriage Company
Their farms have changed a little over time.  They were always looking for the perfect home for their "Gentle Giants". Today they can be found at their newest venue, The Castle on Stagecoach, in Little Rock, AR.  They have found that The Castle is the perfect place to call home.  The Castle had everything that they were looking for.  It has given their big guys the "lustre"they deserve as some of the largest horses in the state.  

The Little Rock Carriage Company NOW:
The two carriages they started with have now grown to more than seven, including wagons, a surrey, a sleigh, a hearse, and of course the famous carriages.  The carriages come in many different colors and styles.  They have been talking with a European company that builds the finest carriages in the world to add to the fleet.  The carriages now include a "Cinderella"/Princess carriage that will put you in shock and awe.

The horses now vary including a team of jet black matching Percherons, four American Belgians, a team of half Belgian and half Standard Bred, and coming soon some Imported English Shires.  

Years later, they still provide carriage rides in Downtown Little Rock's River Market, and now have a Carriage House located in the Downtown area.  They provide services throughout the state and will travel just about anywhere in or out of state if needed.  
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Call Kevin at 501.258.5974 for special pricing!
  • Wedding drivers are in nice attire traditional to the Antebellum period that Arkansas is known for.  Other attire is available and can be accommodated to any theme to fit your needs.
We also provide:
  • Single horse carriage rides in the Downtown Little Rock & North Little Rock area.
  • Team horse carriages/wagons are available elsewhere.

Fairy Tale Carriage Rides in Arkansas

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